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How many times have you wondered if you should have purchased a franchise when it was a HOT franchise?
Ever feel like you missed the boat on an amazing franchise?
Wondered how your neighbor is so successful with his Franchises?

Don't worry. This is a great time to buy a resale of some franchises, where you get cash flow from the start as the uncertainty is removed; but be careful, don't overpay and speak to a 28 year franchise specialist before you buy and commit. I give independent advice as I always have. It is the same integrity and advice to a buyer or a seller. That is how it should be!

I know some of the questions to ask a seller, including the lease details, Sales and P&L analysis, and other metrics that could affect the future.

For E2 visa applicants, the package must meet some stringent Immigration requirements as your legal representative will have informed you; finding these qualifying gems is the dilemma and much time is wasted by buyers flitting from one business broker to the next and getting nowhere. If you think that is an education, it is a very poor one since you do not have a teacher to guide you.

There are many good businesses out there; unfortunately they don't separate the good from the not so good. And you are at risk when you do not know the business environment in USA(perhaps), the legalities, the expectations, the etiquette, the valuations, and who to trust and not to trust.

My ethics and values guide my life decisions and the advice I give........get in touch!